A strong, stable and diverse economy is an important reason why businesses find success in Missouri. Missouri’s business advantages have attracted approximately 280 international firms to the State. Taiwanese and companies in the region are encouraged to contact Missouri’s Taiwan office to learn more about the “Missouri Advantage” and the direct foreign investment services. The Taipei, Taiwan office staff in cooperation with their Jefferson City, Missouri home office provides tailored assistance to meet your company needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Per capita income in Missouri is US$ 29,094, with a medium family income of US$ 50,819. Missourians enjoy the 6th lowest cost of living; and individuals and corporations have the benefit of living in one of the most tax-friendly states in the United States.

Featured Investment Project in Missouri

Tai Shin Foods U.S.A., whose origin is in Taiwan, has completed the construction of a pork processing plant in the State of Missouri.


In December 2015, Taishin Foods and the US company strategy to operate. Renew the name as Moon Ridge Foods. They have begun processing the quality hogs in Oct. 2016.

  • Exclusive Moon Ridge Certified Duroc breeding with emphasis on the greatest meat quality traits (marbling, color, tenderness, & juiciness)
  • Strategic farmer suppliers raise hogs that are vegetarian fed, without routine antibiotics, ractopamine, steroids and hormones
  • Next generation harvesting technology that is most humane and safe
  • Exclusive snap chilling and freezing system for the greatest quality & shelf life
  • Highly skilled artisan meat cutters and slower line speed to provide unique products to customer desires
  • Management team with the greatest expertise, experience and track record in North America
  • Strong base of strategic customers committed to consistent purchases of value added, differentiated products.
  • Green technologies such as solar power and the most energy efficient and water saving production equipment.



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