28th Taipei International Food show June 27-30,2018
Missouri Vietnam Buyers' Mission May5-11,2018
2017 Missouri's National Rankings
SOYBEANS 6TH 290 million bushels
BEEF COWS 2ND 2.16 million head
CORN 9TH 553 million bushels
CHICKENS 10TH 293 million head
HOGS 7TH 3.4 million head
TURKEYS 5TH 19.2 million head
RICE 4TH 12 million cwt
10TH 725,000bales
SOURCE: USDA National Ag StatisticsService..
Missouri Agriculture at a glance
The Taiwan Goodwill Buyers’ Mission will visit to Missouri in Sept. 2017
Missouri Asia Buyers' Mission May 15-19, 2017
Top Missouri Agriculture Commodities
In 2015, Missouri exported $501,734,000 in agriculture and ag-related products to Asian countries. The top 10 exports to Asian countries were:
1. Pork & Pork Products
2. Forest Products
3. Distillers Grains
4. Hides & Skins
5. Soybeans
6. Dog & Cat Food
7. Non-Alcoholic Beverages
8. Poultry Meat & Products
9. Wheat
10. Prepared Foods
Missouri Rankings in The United States
SOYBEANS 9TH 181 million bushels
BEEF COWS 3RD 1.9 million head
CORN 10TH 437 million bushels
CHICKENS 9TH 294 million head
HOGS 7TH 3 million head
TURKEYS 5TH 19 million head
RICE 4TH 12 million cwt
8TH 4,000,000bales

Missouri is 39th largest GNP ‘nation’
  Economic promotion of states to entice additional investment by business and to show taxpayers how well their state is doing compared to the rest of the nation is common practice, especially in election years.....

Missouri and Taiwan sister-state relationship will celebrate its 30th – year anniversary this year. Director General Liu would like to host a dinner in Jefferson City in April to recognize this long-standing relationship.

Missouri, now ranks as the U.S. tenth largest exporting state.

Welcome the new Director General, Jacquline Liu at TECO

Missouri is located near the United States’ geographic and population centers. In an area of over 180,000 square kilometers, the majority of Missouri’s 5.8 million citizens live in its two largest metropolitan areas: St. Louis and Kansas City. The State’s capital is Jefferson City.

Missouri’s diverse topography ranges from rugged forested area to rolling hills and fertile flat terrain.  The State’s diverse economy is shared between agriculture, manufacturing and tourism with all sectors boasting as the largest industries.

Missouri has proudly operated a trade office in Taipei, Taiwan since 1990.  The office serves the Taiwan and neighboring markets with business-related services for the mutual benefit of Missouri and the Taiwan regional businesses.  Welcome to our web site to learn more about the State of Missouri.


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